Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Coming Soon...

Lethal Weapon, originally uploaded by Glasson.

Three new music videos featuring Ben Warren to be directed by yours truly. Shooting will take place over the third weekend in September. Stay posted for more details.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sex World

It's official! I've now had my hand at editing porn! Generally, my work as a production coordinator involves a lot of video encoding, HTML editing and managing workflow, but occasionally the odd assignment will crop up where I get to play editor. As we now have a division dedicated to adult content (called Evotum), we were looking for a sample demo clip that represents some of our new direction. Enter VCX, an adult film company specializing in the restoration of porn "classics" (yes, who would have thought such a category could exist) including titles like "The Devil in Miss Jones" and "Debbie Does Dallas." We will now be streaming 10 of these titles online at - not sure if it's live yet or not, but I believe the door is open for business. Inspired by the title track of "Sex World" (one of the 10 classics we are now streaming), I put together this little hodge podge of clips from the assorted films. It's fairly soft, save the occasional boobie, as per the suggested Evotum policy of not showing too much for free. All the same, scanning through a bevy of movie clips of hard cocks and wet pussies in search of "safe clips" is not anything I ever expected to get paid for. And with the way my computer monitor faces the room to co-workers, some of whom are female, I can honestly say I feel myself blushing with embarrassment during such workdays. But I digress - this was a blast to do!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Dishwasher

One by one, I'm posting the 5 "happenings" I made with my former roommate Jacob Naim. "The Dishwasher" was the second of these - definitely the most "scripted" of all the happenings - and Scott Greene was in town at the time so he volunteered to operate the camera. We literally did it in about three hours on a Saturday afternoon in Greenpoint: hopping into some of the different stores along Manhattan Ave., exploring some of the more colorful side streets and even jumping onto the G train for a line referencing CHUD.

People often think after seeing this that I'm an OCD slave whose very tightly wound when it comes to doing the dishes. While I would like to disagree with them, I am admittedly very particular about how I do the dishes. Living with Jen Rock, for example, I find myself doing the dishes 95% of the time. Partly this is because she does 95% of the cooking, and partly this is because she is lazy about household chores, but more than anything, it's because I know if I'm the one doing the dishes, they will get done RIGHT!

As for the other part about Jacob "slipping me a mickey," obviously this was not an everyday occurrence. However, once "broken in," he no longer had to drug me to get me into his bed.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Zoomquilt 2

Just saw this bizarre site, basically a collaborative project between 30 or so artists which zooms across the twisted terrain of their creative landscapes. Feels like something out of a bad acid trip at Disneyland, but still quite badass. FYI - you can control the speed of the never-ending zoom with the bar on the top left side of the screen. Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Coney Island Baby

Beach Umbrellas

I've been meaning to put these picts up for a while - a set of assorted shots I've snapped off over the years at Coney Island. Some are more recent than others (and those should be obvious) but I was eager to preserve some of the Astroland pictures, since it's closing next year.

Here is the other significant video I shot while at Coney Island besides the ride on the Cyclone: the puking man with squirting butt - an oddball attraction if there ever was, but this being Coney Island, it feels right at home.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Cyclone

Went to Coney Island yesterday with Jen Rock and decided to ride the front seat of "The Cyclone" - one of the two rides in Astroland to have landmark status (the other is "The Wonder Wheel" - featured in the opening of "The Warriors"). Thank god these two will be saved next year when they tear down Astroland and start building a "water recreation center" and make way for trendy overpriced condos.

Poor Jen was on the outside of the car - which meant at all the sharp turns she was getting crushed by my weight (I think at one point you can hear her calling me a bastard but it's hard to hear amidst all the screaming). It's a tad difficult holding the camera still and pointing it straight on such a bumpy ride, but you get the idea. After having ridden the cyclone many-times-over since my move to NY, I'm a little jaded by it, but that first drop can still deliver!

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

ALL IN in Atlantic City

Ben lost the tournament

At long last, here is an assortment of photos from our trip down to Atlantic City, NJ, where we were to have our hand at playing some games of chance. If Ben's expression is any indication, you can guess how well we fared.

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Ben Warren's "Every Other Day Jam"

Ben has decided to take on the challenge of writing, recording and releasing a song every other day during the month of August. Thus far, he's posted one song (that being on Aug 2) entitled "Charity" which sounds pretty promising considering the length of time that he dedicated to the task. He has been toying with the one-a-day song writing challenge for a little while now and this has inspired songs on Harry Potter, mangos and stealing pot from his mother's boyfriend.

To check in and see what Mr. Warren is up to - head over to

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about some new music video projects between Ben & myself...

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The iPhone is a piece of shit and so is your face

Saw this through a user group - a rather irate review of the iphone comparing it to Nokia's E70. I still hold out hope for the iPhone in that they'll make some very basic improvements in the next generation (storage, network, video - for starters), but of all the Apple naysayers out there, this review is pretty hilarious.

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