Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Last Westie (Short Film)

The Last Westie was a short film completed for the NYC 48 Hour Film Project in June of 2010.  Completed two months prior to the principal photography began on "Love Stalker," I had signed up to do the film as a means to keep myself "fresh in the saddle" before tackling a feature. It was nominated for "Best of NYC" and won an award for "Best Original Score" by David Ohliger, who was also acting as the film's producer.

Amazingly, when it came time for us to pull our genre, we had the same one as the year prior: Musical or Western.  We decided to adapt Western sort of ideas and aesthetics to a modern urban setting. The idea for a westie-based story was suggested by Jack Baxter, our lead actor. Jack grew up on the west side and was familiar with the subject based on his own personal experience. Steve Marchese wrote the script in record time and the production, such as it was, went very smoothly. There has been some talk of adapting "Westie" into a feature-length film.

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