Friday, June 10, 2011

Colin Schiller's "One Jenny"

As Colin and I were wrapping on the "Dizzy" music video, he mentioned a song that he was recording called "One Jenny" based on a friend of his who was boasting about the fact that he had to juggle multiple "Jennies" in his dating life. By a stroke of massive coincidence, the film I was in pre-production for at the time, Love Stalker, had a monologue about that very same subject (although in the film he calls them "Jens" but it's the same difference). With that, Colin launched into what he wanted our next video collaboration to be.

We shot the video two months after I had wrapped on "Love Stalker," and it felt very much like an extension of that world as we were making it - down to the placement of the camera as Colin's character was trying on multiple shirts for his "dressing montage." The video was shot over two days in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Once again, we returned to Colin's restaurant/bar Papacito's to shoot some scenes, and the live band portion of the song was shot in Colin's recording studio in Bushwick.

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Friday, June 03, 2011

random quote

Writing from the great Rod Serling from his teleplay "Patterns."

"On our level you don’t get fired, you know that. After thirty years of productive work, they can’t say to a man like me, “Alright, now get out!” They just can’t do that. So what do they do? They create a situation. A situation you can’t work in and finally that you can’t live in with this tension, abuse. Small humiliations. It all starts out on a scale so subtle, so microscopic that at first you can’t really believe it’s happening at all. But gradually the thing begins to take shape. The pieces fit together - all the little bits. And it becomes unmistakable. They chip away at your pride, your security until you begin to have doubts, and then fears."

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