Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Have yourself a scary little Christmas

Meant to post this on Xmas, but chances are most people have seen this already since i emailed it out as my annual creepy Christmas greeting. People tended to respond like "Yuck" and/or "you are dark" but, y'know, what can i say. We all could use a little darkness on the brightest, most energy intensive holiday of the year.

For those that are curious, I composited the image from a self-portrait I shot Xmas morning and the tree, shot at the same time. The images of Ebby & Buñ (forehead and mouth, respectively) were taken from a few shots I'd posted on Flickr, and the cat eyes were taken from a very handsome shot of Buñ.


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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happening NOW

NOW as in happening nearly three years ago. This was the last of Jacob and my roommate adventures, and probably the best one at that. I really relished playing a deadbeat wrong-headed roommate after so many years of living with them, plus this was probably Jacob's most relaxed performance of the bunch. The most truthful part of the whole thing is the title that comes up at the end "Matthew is moving out in February." Well, that and the Neil Diamond.

So that was happening THEN, and this is happening NOW. The Family Tie is screening its premiere next Wednesday, December 12 7:30 at Hope Lounge in Williamsburg. Should be interesting to see if anyone shows, but i'll be relieved when the whole thing is over. And then, and only then, can the true Christmas magic begin.

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