Friday, April 21, 2006

Mellow Touch

At age 23, a year I fancied would be among my most sexually active as a young adult, I wasn't getting laid. I fell in love with a girl, or at least fell in love with the idea of the girl, but she didn't see it my way. In lieu of giving me affection, she would give me hints of affection, mental stimulation and would seek my validation. Naturally, this fucked with my head. At one point, I was ready to produce a full-blown epic of love for her with a "video valentine" from my corporately-smothered heart, but I got so far as shooting video at my job, editing a title sequence and then ditching the project. Only recently, as I was searching through some of my tapes, did I find the starting point for this video which I had long abandoned and forgotten. Inspired by the opening I went ahead and chopped together the rest of the piece, using footage I recorded of a phone message she had left on my phone and cross-cutting between my day job realities at AM Multigraphics (or AM Multi-fuck-your-mother as my friend Bowls would put it) and the sexy, bizarre message. The resulting piece above might feel incomplete and is most definitely haphazard, but hopefully it serves as a reminder of the painful path of unrequited love, especially when you work a job you hate and that love feels like the one hope that will get you through the day.

It didn't.

PS - I'm now very good friends with the girl in this piece.

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