Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thankskilling!

While Thanksgiving is consistently a memorable holiday, this year's festivities definitely have to rank up there. On the one hand, I was dealing with the web launch of THE FAMILY TIE and on the other, there was the obligatory holiday feast, which we were hosting this year at our relatively small Brooklyn apt. Jen's folks came down from Maine and were accompanied by their friend Irene (whom I adore) and Jen's brother Andrew for a feast that Jen had prepared entirely on her own. It ended up going about as smoothly as one could have hoped: no major disasters or quandaries of seemingly unsolvable proportions were faced. All in all, it was an impressive feat given our somewhat limited resources, but Jen Rock planned and executed with a professional efficiency that would make the Food Network envious. In the end, it really was a tasty, warm and comfortable Thankskilling dinner. Which reminds me...

I saw my friend Jason Paige's stand-up/music show last weekend, and early in the set he pulled out this jazzy riff and began extolling on the dubious virtues of the holiday, entitled "Thankskilling" with the obvious connection between young America's slaughter of the Indians and the grim irony of celebrating it annually. One lyric that stood out to me was "this country's first genocide" which sadly strikes a chord of ugly truth that we decorate with lies.

I thought it appropriate enough to the occasion of releasing FAMILY TIE that I ripped off the "Thankskilling" with the email salutation "Happy Killsgiving!" which got sent out. But make no mistake, the "Killsgiving" of FAMILY TIE and the "Thankskilling" of Jason Paige's world are two entirely different places, and Jason Paige's world is one that's definitely worth visiting from time to time.

And to that occasion, HAPPY THANKSKILLING!

Every year at this time we are toasting with wine
Giving thanks for the friends we have made
Celebrating the season but what is the reason
For all this hub-bub and parade

Does anyone care why we have this affair
In this great land we've claimed
Do I dare to make you aware
And suggest that this day be renamed

Thanks to all who unwillingly died
For some recipie's and pumpkin pie
Whipped crème on the side its true

Thanks –killing
That's what happens when colors collide
In this countries first genocide
History books lied to you

But it's OK
Look at this land we have today
Though some did get away
From extermination
They're on a reservation

All the blood that was spilling for years
As the white man was cleansing his fears
Oceans of tears would fall

It's chilling
They're fulfilling the countries aim
Built our nation through warring and pain
Nothing has changed at all

So be warned
It's not about the turkey and the corn
This land upon which I was born
Was stolen no debate
That's why I celebrate

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Family Countdown

I can no longer pretend that The Family Tie is something that i'm going to have to deal with later, it's all happening NOW! It's now exactly one week from the date when I anticipate going live with the film online. And while it feels somewhat anti-climactic to release the film on the web with little proper fanfare, I'm looking forward to being able to brush my hands off and not think about this much more (of course, then there's the film fest thing which I'll still be dealing with, but one thing at a time). I did another blog entry about the final stages of the process if you care to read it on the family tie blogspot.

For Jen, countdown to Thanksgiving means scrambling to make sure the recipes and dishes are in order for the big meal. We're having her mom and step-dad David, along with her brother Andrew and their friend Irene over for turkey day and it's going to be an interesting feat considering the size of our place, but we'll make do ("Lots of charm," we tell ourselves). I am admittedly excited about the meal, knowing Jen and her creativity in the kitchen (not to mention enthusiasm), it's going to be delish.

Well, time to get back to editing email addresses and thinking completionist thoughts. Check you all later...

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