Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Scott Greene Workout

Among the pleasures in my adventures in archiving my assorted VHS tapes is finding bizarre footage of the incomparable Scott Greene. This clip was discovered on a tape featuring raw footage for several super short sketches for the intro of a failed Split Apple project entitled "Empty V." I should probably post the intro in its entirety at some point, but I found this particular bit of Scott glaring into the camera while squeezing his hand grip tool to be particularly hilarious/disturbing. I've obviously done just a touch of editing in presenting this clip out of context; in turn I've taken the liberty of listing this on Youtube as "a quick and basic workout to help lose some of those extra pounds, get your blood pumping and get your energy up." I'm hoping for some good hateful feedback for the misleading description, so if you feel inspired, hate away...

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