Thursday, November 18, 2004

the reality is...

runners... some walkers, cloppers

sometimes running, stomethings fumigating. others not yet clear

clap in time, sing with me!

please please, sing with me!

Been in a good sort of place of late.. my job at Court TV has had some yucks of late and they seem to appreciate my contribution as editor. the first TV program I cut for National Geographic is going to be on Dec. 1 at 9 PM I think. Tune in if you get the channel - it was a good project and came together pretty well. And, the biggie, The Family Tie, is getting ever closer to complete completion. I've completed two "fine cuts" at this point and am readying to make the final commitments. After all this time and work, I can't be in too much of a rush to finish, but I don't want this to go on much longer. December is the end date.

And while life seems good, I can't help but to reflect that I am past the peak of my youth and am now a grown man.

this was me then

and then what i changed into

It makes me wonder what's in store for my senior years.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Gary Glitter Meets Michael Myers...

1:19 PM  

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