Tuesday, October 05, 2004

carrot juice

about a month ago, there was a screening at the "First Sundays" program for my short film piggy. Why a "comedy film fest" would pick Piggy of all my works is somewhat disconcerting, but regardless... at each monthly event, they draw a name from a hat to see which audience member gets to star in next month's contest film. As fate would have it, my girl Jennifer Rock was the lucky winner. At the audience's suggestion, the title "carrot juice" was thrown out and then at the event afterparty, the organizers approached me to direct the "carrot juice" film, so I was like, "yeah."

of course, carrot juice is easier said than done.

Carrot juice...

carrot juice?

Carrot Juice!

After weeks of struggling to committ to any single idea on this fascinating subject, I had a budgetary inspiration... And "carrot juice" ended up becoming something more terrifying and relevant then any of us could have ever foreseen.

The results, raw and true, are now posted herein...

the carrot juice movie

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great short! It was 'laugh out loud funny.' When the carot head criminal sniffs the lid, downs the drink and then spits contentedly I was lovin life. Keep up the good work. Who's the girl? I'd do her.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



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