Monday, September 27, 2004

famile tie wraps

My absence of late has been mainly due to the intense pursuit of completing The Family Tie, and now I'm excited to announce that the hard part is over... the picture is wrapped! I had been expecting this day to come a lot sooner, seeing as how I started post exactly a year ago and had wrapped principal six years ago in Chicago, but I'd certainly saved the hardest for last. And when you have virtually no money to execute complicated scenes, the process tends to be a bit sluggish.

production sheet

Without revealing too much background on these pictures and how they are placed within the film, they represent the last real date of production on the film. Rounding out the crew are Jen Rock (Art Dept), Maz (FX), Rahmin (Schplitz!) and myself. Maz's cat wanted to get help out as well, so special thanks for her enthusiastic affection. With the completion of these scenes, the post production can resume its course, which I anticipate needing another month in all, before planning on the gala premiere of this monster. Thanks to everyone that has been supportive of this endeavor, whether directly or not, and I promise your efforts and energy are going to translate into a wonderfully disturbing little movie!

Rahmin gets his stomach schplitzed

BTW - For any locals, I'm having a screening as part of Anthology's New Filmmaker series this Wednesday. They'll be showing the video for General Queer on the big screen! Look for my email...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rahmin looks like Scott Feinblatt.

Congrats on wrapping.


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