Thursday, February 24, 2005

HOUSEWARMING FROM HELL: The story that won't go away...

Not too surprisingly, the perpetrator of the verbal assaults at my most recent event has requested me to cease and decist all references to him on my site, supposedly on the grounds that I refer colleagues to my website which could jeapordize his future career. And while I don't necessarily feel that a) there's much career to jeapordize or b) anyone who would be reading through my blog would be doing so to research FX artists for low-budget independent films, I am complying with his request in the interest of putting the issue to bed for both parties. This means that the mini-movies I posted within this blog will no longer be active links within these pages, and as well, all references to the individual (let's call him DICKHEAD for my purposes) have been removed, save his own post in response to Part 3 of my trilogy. So if you're really feeling masochistic and bored, you can read through his rebuttal in the "COMMENTS" section on that blog entry.

It is oh-so tempting for me to post herein a rebuttal to his rebuttal tit for tat, but mostly, I'm just not into perpetuating this crap any further. The experience sucked: I felt as though I'd lost a friend (more to it - the illusion of a friend), or, at the least, a talented colleague whom I planned to gainfully employ, and my pride isn't as such that I feel the need to hang onto the issue when I wanted it to die well before it grew into this monstrous bit of ugliness in the first place. Perhaps this is an ironic statement since I posted my short video takes on this blog for all (and by all I mean my few friends), but I do and did have my reasons. As I then pointed out, the videos were more of a creative exorcise since the whole thing had left me feeling rotten, everyone at the party was either pissed off or confused (or both) and no one really knew what happened (will we ever know? probably not), and, lastly - c'mon, folks - that voice message was gold (how often do you get that kind of hatred directed your way?). Perhaps there was some mean-spiritedness to my portrayal of DICKHEAD, but after such heated words and bilious intent are hurled my way, I felt like he had a little payback coming (and I don't mean he deserved to be mugged).

So I hope that removing the reference's to DICKHEAD's name helps to give his career the boost that it needs. And for those of you who are interested in seeing the films, you can contact me directly and I'll point you in the right direction. For those of you who have sifted through the crap-ola to gain some understanding of this situation in the first place, I am more than happy to detail to you my hypothesis on DICKHEAD's motivations that evening and why he is the ultimate loser. One small antectode of some noteworthiness is the fact that he and I were heaping praise upon each other minutes before the good vibes went south. There is oh-so-much-more to the whole thing than what meets the eye on this here blog. But, ultimately, who gives a fuck? A drunk DICKHEAD is a drunk dickhead is a drunk dickhead. The whole affair was a vacuum of energy in the first place and it needs to RIP. I just hope to never see said DICKHEAD again.

And with that, stay tuned for the next drama-rama which I will unfold in true Napoleon, brat-like fashion in the near future.


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